Saturday, 15 August 2015

My Two Little Brothers {Siblings: August 2015}

Another month has gone by: another month in which I've had the joy of watching the relationship between my two little boys develop.  As always, I'm grateful to Lucy at Dear Beautiful for hosting this lovely linky.  I'm looking forward to seeing my year's worth of photos collected in a collage at the end of this year's project.

There's a strong bond between my two boys already.  They seek each other out; they gravitate towards each other and find each other funny.  I will often be driving somewhere with both of them in the back of the car, and hear them dissolving into the sort of giggles that warm your heart.  It's usually centred around F blowing raspberries (he seems to have carved out a role for himself as the joker in the family), or M pulling funny faces.  They already have their own little world in that back seat that I'm not a part of.  And that's just what I want for them.

This month we have seen some little seeds of frustration between my two little brothers.  Now that F is crawling and cruising, and doing so at lightening speed, nothing that M builds, stacks, draws or creates is safe from his little brother's grasp, and his very natural compulsion to grab, knock down and tear up.  It makes playtime very difficult for me to supervise and it also means that a lot of M's new birthday toys are only played with during F's nap times.

On the whole, M is very tolerant of this bulldozing behaviour but, he is only just four, and of course, he gets upset and frustrated sometimes.  F, who now fully understands the word 'No!' and knows when he's being 'told off' by his big brother, reacts by sticking out his bottom lip in the most comical and pitiful way, and having a little hurt cry.

But, these two little boys love each other so much.  Even if they do frustrate each other sometimes!

dear beautiful


  1. Oh my goodness, such cute photos. I especially love the way they are looking at each other in that second one.
    It's so lovely once they start to have this little relationship of their own which is separate from you; my two have some of their funniest chats and giggles on the back seat too. Its adorable to listen to. x

    1. Thanks Lucy. These two certainly have a brotherly bond going on. I hope they manage to keep it throughout their lives. x