Friday, 31 July 2015

Me and Mine {July 2015}

I am more and more grateful for this lovely linky, for encouraging me to take regular portraits of our little family, as we grow and change throughout the year.  And I think my photography is all the better for having the regular practice. 

It seems incredible really that we are at the end of July already, and that we only have five more of these shots to go before this year's Me and Mine is complete.  This month has been my favourite of the year so far; lots of happy family days, and confirmation of a new job for G, which will give us a lot more financial security, although it will mean that we will need to make even better use of our weekends now that he will no longer be self-employed and able to take a day off a regular intervals. 

I'm making the most of the opportunity to go outside and get some photos in natural light, with some lovely backdrops.  July's photos were taken on a recent day out to a lavender farm in the Cotswolds, and it was the first time we've taken the tripod out with us.

This second photo is by no means technically great; my hair is flying over my face in the breeze, F is busy trying to grad a handful of it, and M is pulling a typically cheeky face, but it's so us somehow.  It captures the slight chaos that goes with taking two small boys out for the day.

In July, I have:
* been astonished that my little boy turned four!  Where on earth did my baby boy go?
* loved a night out at Miyako Teppynaki restaurant with my lovely family
*been so proud of G, as he was offered and accepted a great job
*bagged some fantastic Next bargains for the boys, even though I did have to queue at 4.30am!
*enjoyed the first of several weekly Mummy and M dates at Thinktank, Birmingham
*loved a day out to a lavender farm, and having a cream tea afterwards
*riding the log flume with M at Gulliver's Kingdom
G has:
*bagged a fantastic new job, with a company on the up
*begun work on transforming the part of the garden into a little boys' playground
*enjoyed his first taste of Japanese food in Birmingham
*grown an itchy beard but then decided to shave it all off
*spending time with his family at Gulliver's Kingdom
*had fun exploring Tamworth Castle with his two boys
M has:
*waved goodbye to pre-school, and begun to tell everyone about primary school
*loved spending two nights in Nanny S and Granddad B's caravan
*had a really exciting birthday weekend, with a day out, and two parties!
*learnt to count to 100
*had an exciting day out on the train with Mummy to Thinktank, Birmingham
*learnt to say 'excuse me' when adults are talking
*had a few bad dreams and disturbed nights
*liked exploring the lavender fields
F has:
*enjoyed sitting with the other children at his big brother's birthday party
*loved the freedom that crawling has given him
*become obsessed with Ozzy the cat
* loved his new garden swing
*tried lots of new finger foods at family mealtimes
*learnt how to clap, wave, cruise, and cut his first two teeth

dear beautiful


  1. Beautiful photos... And what a stunning backdrop!

    1. Thank you so much. Enjoyed taking these x

  2. Oh I really love the lavender so beautiful and wish we had some up north. It's a great place for family captures. These are stunning and what a beautiful little family you have hunny. Thanks for linking up. Have a lovely weekend. #meandmine

  3. The lavender is so gorgeous, beautiful photos!! #meandmine