Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Me and Mine {August 2015}

The first of September already!  I can't quite believe it.  August has been a good month on the whole: I've spent a lot of quality time with my two little boys, we've had a lot of days out and I feel we really made the most of the summer, despite the rather gloomy, rainy weather.  This month, the blog has taken a back seat while we just got on with having fun.  To be honest, the school holidays have worn me out to the extent where finding the energy to edit photos and write posts in the evenings has been beyond me!

I do feel that we've packed as much as I possibly could into this summer, which is exactly what I set out for us to do.  Just over a week to go and the school holidays will be over for us, and we will be entering a brand new routine as a family.  I'm looking forward to it, but also know that I will probably miss the more carefree, let's-not-worry-too-much-about-late-nights kinda days.

So, here's what we've all got up to in August.

I have:

*been enjoying the start of the Great British Bake-Off
*been catching up with some friends for playdates and much-needed school holiday morale support!
*enjoyed a day out at Carsington Water with the family, and a particularly beautiful sunset on the way home
*bought a lovely new yellow raincoat from Joules
*been having mixed feelings about the approach of school for M
*loved hearing M tell me he loves me so much
*loved taking some family shots at a lavender farm in the Cotswolds

Two Boy Daddy has:

*officially started in his new job, and has been enjoying getting paid!
*enjoyed going out for a steak at a new place in town
*had a night out with the lads (although he came home early as he was sleep-deprived!)

M has:

*loved his first sleepover at his Granddad's house
*started to practice his 'American' accent
*a new habit of saying 'Excuse me' before saying anything!
*had a great day out with friends at Drayton Manor Park
*tried pizza for the first time and loved it!
*been getting excited for the start of school
*loved our family movie night where we had sweets and watched 'Over the Hedge'

F has:

*enjoyed trying some new cereals for breakfast
*loved playing with a soft ball in the house
*started to listen more to stories, with 'Snuggle Bunny' being a particular favourite
*started to say 'No no no no!' and 'Mummumumum!'
*found a new place to explore - under the kitchen table
*enjoyed pushing cars along the carpet

Our photos for August were taken on the last weekend of the month, on a visit to Carsington Water where we met up with my mum and step-dad and my auntie and uncle, who had taken their caravans for a weekend away. We had a great day with lots of walking, messing about on the edges of the reservoir, and then topped off with a BBQ.  The boys both had a lovely time.  Here's our Me and Mine photo, followed by a couple of outtakes!

dear beautiful

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