Monday, 15 December 2014

This was our week: routines, primary school and magic

The weeks are just flying by so fast that I feel that unless I commit to writing a weekly post about the things that we have got up to as every week passes, I will forget about all the little moments that really count.  So, each Sunday, I want to write a short post just giving the highlights and lowlights of what has happened in our world. Here's my first entry:


We had a quiet morning at home, trying out my new system of keeping M occupied by drawing in a series of boxes what the plan was for the morning.  We had boxes for getting dressed, playing with his garage, and snack time, amongst other activities. I'm trying to get him to play independently for spells of time, as he always wants me as a playmate and I can't always give him one-to-one attention.  It seemed to work, and M played on his own for a good 20 minutes.


At lunchtime, Granddad R came to visit, and then took M out to the local garden centre for lunch and to look at the Christmas displays. I got on with some clothes sorting whilst F had a nap.

My mum and nan popped round in the afternoon for a cuppa.


We all went to the local primary for a tour of the school by the headmaster (who was quite strict!), and then M went to pre-school until 2.45, while I took my nan to the next town so she could see where she would be attending her bereavement counselling in a couple of weeks. We had a good chat about her days as an evacuee in the war, and she got a bit emotional.  I feel so sorry for her, alone now without my granddad.


My two boys and I had another quiet morning at home before pre-school at 11.45.  We tried drawing out the morning's plan again and it's definitely working in giving M a structure for his time at home and preventing him from driving me mad by asking 'What next, Mummy?'  The only thing is that he tries to rush through each activity so he can tick it off and get on to the next one!

M is still coughing lots and has a horrible runny nose.  M was being picked up by his nan and granddad and having a sleepover that night, leaving me and F to go into my work for an informal team meeting.  It was the first time I'd seen my colleagues since going on maternity leave. It felt strange to be back. F was admired by all the ladies, despite doing really stinky trumps all the time.


I had a clingy baby attached to me all morning, but managed to do a fair bit of online Christmas shopping and banking before we then had to go to the clinic for F's first set of vaccinations.  It's horrible to hear him squeal when the needles went in but, after his ordeal in his first ten days when he had his lumbar puncture and all sorts of other poking and prodding, a couple of injections didn't upset me as much as they did with M.

We had a little walk around the village then came home ready for M to return from his nan and granddad's.  M was on really good form this afternoon. The boys had a bath together this evening, although F did not enjoy it!


While M was at pre-school today I made a big dent in the Christmas wrapping up while watching Love Actually.  Somewhat of a tradition with me!

In the late afternoon we went to experience The Magical Journey at the Belfry, Tamworth.  M had a lovely time, and was thrilled to see Father Christmas.


I had my hair coloured in the morning and then at lunchtime, me and my two boys went round a friend's house for a pre-Christmas gathering with all the children.  It was lovely to see everyone, albeit noisy!

We had a difficult night, with M complaining of an earache and getting up at 4.20am, while F is still continuing to feed two-three times a night.  Having children is hard!


We didn't have a great morning, with M pushing our buttons and with us so short on sleep.  But the afternoon improved with a walk down the lane to Costa and then to Mum's house for the afternoon.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My two little boys: Siblings {December 2014}

I've really enjoyed snapping photos of my two boys this month.  At the moment all photos of them have been taken indoors, simply due to the bad weather making it impossible with a young baby, but I'm pleased with the results so far.
(I'm going to refer to my First Boy as 'M' and the Second Boy as 'F' from now on, as these posts are difficult to write without using names!)
The relationship between my two little men is so new, but is already blossoming into something special.  M cannot resist kissing his little brother's head many times a day and talking to him in a high-pitched voice that he's obviously copying from me! It's very cute. 
 There have been no signs of jealousy and the only frustration is when F is wailing and disturbing his big brother's TV time.  I'm very proud of the way he's adapted so well to having to share his mummy and daddy.

M has been delighted to see that his little brother has learnt how to smile, and tries his best to elicit a grin from him.  But he sometimes puts his head so close to F's face that F goes cross-eyed and cannot see his big brother properly.
I think these two are going to be great buddies.
dear beautiful

Me and Mine {November 2014}

November flew by so fast that I didn't get time to update my blog much or to post my 'Me and Mine' entry in time for the end of the month. But better late than never! Although our family photo was taken last minute, just before the First Boy's bedtime, I like it as it sums us up at the moment: tired, always behind on everything, but essentially, happy.
We've had a lot to deal with this month: as well as all the usual hard work and sleeplessness you get with a newborn, we've also had frequent trips to the paediatrician to check the Second Boy's elevated calcium levels, and a nasty cold has affected both boys and then manifested in us as sore throats and coughs. But, overall, it has been a good month, and one in which we all began to gel as a family of four.  Things are still full-on, but we are getting into more of a routine.

In November, I loved:
Being smiled at for the first time by the Second Boy
Planning what to give our boys for Christmas
Trips to the shops and cafes to meet with friends
Watching 'The Fall' and 'The Missing' on TV
Dressing the Second Boy in his lovely new outfits
Daddy loved:
Getting back into the routine of work after paternity leave
Coming home from work to his family
(Tiredness induced amnesia has meant his list is short this month!)
The First Boy loved:
Making new friendships and coming home from pre-school talking about the other children who's names he'd learnt
Individual raspberry trifles
Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
Singing along to his nursery rhymes CD in the car
The Second Boy loved:
Being cuddled all the time
Milk and lots of it
Staring at his big brother
Learning how to smile