Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Me and Mine {November 2014}

November flew by so fast that I didn't get time to update my blog much or to post my 'Me and Mine' entry in time for the end of the month. But better late than never! Although our family photo was taken last minute, just before the First Boy's bedtime, I like it as it sums us up at the moment: tired, always behind on everything, but essentially, happy.
We've had a lot to deal with this month: as well as all the usual hard work and sleeplessness you get with a newborn, we've also had frequent trips to the paediatrician to check the Second Boy's elevated calcium levels, and a nasty cold has affected both boys and then manifested in us as sore throats and coughs. But, overall, it has been a good month, and one in which we all began to gel as a family of four.  Things are still full-on, but we are getting into more of a routine.

In November, I loved:
Being smiled at for the first time by the Second Boy
Planning what to give our boys for Christmas
Trips to the shops and cafes to meet with friends
Watching 'The Fall' and 'The Missing' on TV
Dressing the Second Boy in his lovely new outfits
Daddy loved:
Getting back into the routine of work after paternity leave
Coming home from work to his family
(Tiredness induced amnesia has meant his list is short this month!)
The First Boy loved:
Making new friendships and coming home from pre-school talking about the other children who's names he'd learnt
Individual raspberry trifles
Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
Singing along to his nursery rhymes CD in the car
The Second Boy loved:
Being cuddled all the time
Milk and lots of it
Staring at his big brother
Learning how to smile

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