Sunday, 5 July 2015

Me and Mine {June 2015}

I'm a little late for the monthly family portrait project this time round, but better late than never.  Our photo for June was taken by a kind German tourist who was sitting on the adjacent table to ours at a lovely little courtyard restaurant in Lazise, Lake Garda.

Time seems to be passing so fast, especially since the summer has arrived. It's a bit scary, really.  I can't believe that we are more than half way through 2015 already.  Joining in with this project really makes me stop and think, and try to live in the present and grab onto the moment while my boys are so little.

In June:
I have:
*loved the long days and light evenings
*enjoyed witnessing M's excitement about his Italian holiday
*loved sampling Italian gelato
*enjoyed my holiday but found it exhausting!
*been planning for M's 4th birthday
*survived a weekend looking after the boys on my own!
Two Boy Daddy has:
*enjoyed his trip to Amsterdam with the lads
*planned the building of a new climbing frame for the boys
*enjoyed spending some time at home and not work
*enjoyed lots of pizza and pasta after having a break from the 5:2 diet for his holiday
*been dunking M in the swimming pool
The First Boy has:
*finally learnt how to pedal his bike
*started to resist going to bed on time
*enjoyed his settling in sessions at his new primary school
*got the hang of the game 'I Spy'
*loved staying up late for BBQ's with Mummy and Daddy on holiday
*enjoyed his aeroplane flight and sleeping in his bunkbed on holiday
*discovered a penchant for Nineties dance music, particularly the track, 'Playing with Knives'
The Second Boy has:
*started to not want to sit down at all, preferring to be on his feet
*loved licking everyone's ice cream in Italy
*had his first tastes of pizza
*enjoyed bouncing up and down to music
*become increasingly excited by our cat, Ozzie

dear beautiful


  1. Such a beautiful photo of your beautiful family; you all look so happy and relaxed. GORGEOUS! And it's so lovely to hear that Me and Mine is giving you that prompt to grab simple moments with your boys, because time really does fly by doesn't it? Thanks for linking up. x

    1. Thanks so much, Lucy. I'm glad we look relaxed, but sometimes the camera does lie, because we were a little stressed out and hot and bothered in this shot! :-) Thanks for the lovely linky xx