Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tomorrow, you will be four

To my beautiful boy,

Tomorrow you will turn four.

It seems hardly possible that it has been four whole years since you made your rather fast appearance into the world, bang on your due date.  Time has passed in a strange way: there have been many long days, some difficult, some filled with joy, but the years have seemed short.

As we leave behind being three, I feel like you are entering a new phase in your childhood.  You are now very much a little boy, and not a toddler, and not even a pre-schooler for very many more days.  When I think back over this last year, I realise just how much you have changed and grown.  It has been a year of big changes for you.  And I have been struck by how adaptable and positive you are. 

You left the security of your lovely childminder's setting in October to begin your adventures at pre-school.  You took it completely in your stride: I was half expecting a few tearful drop-offs and a bit of sulkiness when you got home, but you have been mostly enthusiastic and happy to be there.

Just after you began this new adventure, your little brother was born, and you became a big brother.  I am continually proud of how you have taken this new role and become the most caring, kind and affectionate brother you could ever be.  Your love for F is plain for all to see, and your gentleness towards him and adoration of him is the most wonderful thing to witness.  You have never once shown any jealousy of him, even though you have had to adjust to not having my full attention like you used to.  I am so proud of you for how you have coped with this, and to me, it shows what a big-hearted little boy you are.

As you turn four, let me describe what you are like.  You are a bundle of energy (you always have been), and we recognise that you need to expend that physical energy every day to remain at your happiest.  You enjoy trips to the park, where you love playing hide and seek, crazy golf, and where, over the past year, you have become ever braver, venturing onto climbing frames and slides that would have daunted you a year ago.  You were given your first bike last Christmas, and although you've had a slow start on learning how to ride with the stabilisers on, you are now just beginning to master the pedalling motion, and are thrilled with yourself when you move along. 

This time last year, you didn't really play imaginatively, relying on me and Daddy to help you make up stories with your toys, and needing someone to play with you all of the time.  Now, I hear you chattering away in the midst of your train set or your Sylvanian Families toys, giving voices to the figures, and narrating scenarios.  It's so lovely and funny to listen to.  Your favourite toys at the moment are your wooden train set (you are now skilled at making complicated tracks and 'countries'), your Lego Duplo sets, and your various board games.  Although you've always liked crafts, I never thought you'd be a child who sat and coloured pictures, but now you have the concentration to spend quite a while at the kitchen table creating lovely pictures.  Your pen control has improved so much, and you are so proud when I display one of your pictures on the kitchen cupboards.

At the moment, you are such an affectionate little thing.  You will often fling yourself at me, saying, 'Mummy, I love you soooo much!' and shower me with kisses.  You are always ready for a hug, and love to sit on my lap, twiddling my hair when you're tired.  You are much freer with your affections than you were when you turned three. I love it.  I never want this to change, although I suspect it will, one day.

How will the coming year change you, my lovely little man?  You will start primary school in a few weeks, and that is bound to bring some huge changes.  But for the moment, I have you here with me for the summer and I'm going to enjoy your company.

So, happy birthday, my beautiful, funny, kind, crazy boy.  I love you to the moon and back.


Mummy xxx

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