Thursday, 30 July 2015

Saying goodbye to pre-school

If the emotions of M's pre-school graduation day are anything to go by, his first day at school, this coming September, will have me taking out shares in Kleenex!

Leaving for the last day of pre-school
On the last day of pre-school, the children had a little ceremony in the primary school hall, where each of the 'Aunties' made a little speech, followed by the children going up to collect their scrolls.  It made me realise how much the staff really care for the little people in their charge, as nearly all of them were unable to keep back the tears. That in turn, nudged many of the already emotional mothers over the edge, so that all you could hear were sniffs and the rustle of mummies searching in handbags for tissues.

In a grump here because he had to put down the special balloon that the magician had given him earlier!

With Auntie Natalie.  He soon recovered his good mood once he was reunited with his balloon sword
It has only been nine months since M started at pre-school, but I think it has really helped him to learn how to interact with other children his age.  I've liked that there has been little emphasis on academic learning; after all, they will have the rest of their childhoods in the school system.  I'm glad that pre-school gives kids the opportunity just to be three and four year olds, and spend their time playing and socialising.  When M began at pre-school at the age of 3 years and 3 months, he wasn't interested in playing with other children that much, preferring just to play alongside them. Now, he actively seeks out the company of other children, and has made some 'best friends'.  I do hope that, as he goes into his school days, he can make a solid friendship group.  I think that is so important for giving children confidence and security.


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