Friday, 11 September 2015

His first day at school: a new chapter

And so, there it is. I now have a schoolboy, and not a pre-schooler.  It seems to have happened without a hitch, so far.  And like every mother in the same position, I find myself astonished at just how quickly time has gone since he was a little bundle in my arms, since he took his first wobbly steps, and since he started pre-school.

Yesterday was M's first day at school.  Well, it was only two hours in the afternoon, as the school does a staggered start for Reception children.  The morning dragged; it felt like we were just waiting and waiting for 12.45 to come around so we could make the first journey to school.  M was being especially affectionate.  I was on the receiving end of more bear hugs and declarations of love ('I love you sooooo much, Mummy') than I could count.  I don't think in the slightest that this was because he was feeling worried about school, more that he could pick up that I was feeling a little emotional.

When we finally got on his uniform, I tried my hardest to stop the tears, but they just rolled out.  He looked so smart and grown-up, and he was just so proud of himself.  We took some pictures of this special moment.  Daddy came home from work so that he could come with us to school, but before we left, M and I had a special little moment alone. He asked me if he was 'safe'. I'm not sure what he meant by that, but it was probably last minute nerves kicking in.  An extra long hug, a whisper into his ear that I would always be here for him, and a kiss, and we were ready to go.

When we got to school, we had to wait outside the gates for a while, and M was getting impatient to go in.  When it was time to say goodbye and go into the classroom, we had another quick hug and kiss, and then he was off, without a backward glance.  And that's just the way it should be, I think.  He was every inch a confident little school boy, ready to start the next chapter in his life. And judging by his beaming smile when I collected him at 3pm, and his enthusiasm for telling me everything that had happened in the afternoon, this new chapter will be an exciting and happy one. 

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