Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Two Little Brothers {Siblings: June 2015}

My Siblings photos this month were taken in our holiday home in Italy.  For the ten days we stayed, F mostly woke up very early, and M slept in a little bit, but they would both usually end up in our bed at some point.

They grow ever closer and more loving. My two lovely boys have the power to make each other dissolve into giggles, often over things that we just don't 'get'.  It's the beginning of a special relationship that I hope will bring many more laughs over their lives. 

M has started to worry a little bit about his little brother; he asks me where he is, tells me when he has woken up from his nap, and admonishes me not to leave him behind if we're going out somewhere!  The other morning, we heard F wake up and start chatting to himself in his cot, and then we heard M get up, but instead of padding into our room, it all went quiet.  We found M with F in his cot. He'd climbed in and was gently tickling F and telling him stories.  It was a gorgeous moment, although for safety's sake, we did have to tell M not to climb into the cot again.

Here are my two little brothers in June, looking like they're plotting something while snuggling up in Mummy and Daddy's holiday bed.


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