Monday, 25 May 2015

Cool summer outfits for my little boys

 We had a lovely April, didn't we?  Lots of sunshine, enough to sit out in the garden and to have a picnic in the park.  The weather inspired me to go out and buy lots of lovely summery clothes for my two little dudes.  I'm frustrated that I haven't been able to dress them in their summery clothes as often as I'd like in this rather rainy and cold May, but I'm planning to make the most of these togs during our holiday at the end of this month.

Here's my pick of my favourite recently bought outfits:

 1. Next jeans with pineapple braces (M LOVES wearing these!).
2. Hello Weekend t-shirt from Zara (bought to go with the shorts with braces).
3. Little Bird towelling playsuit (I splashed out on one of these for each of the boys as I thought they'd be perfect to throw on after the swimming pool on holiday.
4. Zara fish-print baby leggings.  I love Zara leggings, and these look gorgeous on F.
5. Navy blue polo shirt from F&F. Looks great with the fish leggings.
6. Next shorts (2 pack) with boat print.  I love anything nautical, so these were a must buy for M.
7.  And these t shirts from Next are really nice quality.
8. I bought both boys this Next t-shirt, as I really think they are the best brothers in the world!
9. Star jeans from Next.  These are so cool, and have sold out almost immediately, so I was lucky to get hold of a pair for M.
10. H&M short dungarees. I was in two minds about whether these would suit M, but I went for it, and they look so nice on.
11. Last year, M had a pair of Crocs which he lived in all summer. This year, we've gone for this version from Marks and Spencer, which are great value.
12.  Next hoodie for M in a lovely summery Aqua colour.

I really love dressing my two boys; it's turning into quite a hobby searching for lovely clothes for them.

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