Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Puerile porridge

It's standard mummy tactics, isn't it? The art of encouraging your child to eat healthily by hiding vegetables in sauces or making cute faces out of spears of broccoli, mashed potatoes and peas.

Our First Boy has a limited palate for breakfast. All cereal makes him retch, except for porridge. Our choices are pretty limited. So he has porridge quite a lot, which is fine by me as it's healthy. He often has fruit in it too, strawberries in the  summer and usually blueberries at other times. 

I almost always make a smiley face out of the blueberries. It makes him smile.

The other morning, however, I thought I'd misheard when he said 'Mummy, can I have bum porridge?'


'Bum Porridge, please.' Hmmm. I did hear correctly.

Perhaps the sensible side of me should have prevailed here and said something stern about not being rude at the table.  But I also know it's wise to pick the right battles with a three year old.  And I also have a puerile side.  So I actually fashioned a passing resemblance to a bottom out of blueberries on top of my son's porridge.

He was delighted.  And I couldn't stop chuckling!

I brace myself for requests for other body parts.

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