Thursday, 30 October 2014

Settling in with the second boy

After a night's stay in hospital, we were ready to take the Second Boy home.  My blood pressure was stabilising and the Second Boy was doing well, although he was very sleepy.  I felt much better than I did after delivering the First Boy - no stitches definitely makes a difference!
Skin to skin with Daddy
My mum came to visit, bringing the First Boy with her.  It was a beautiful moment when he walked in holding a 'It's a Boy!' balloon (which he afterwards lost to the blustery wind when we walked to the car), his little face searching for me amongst the hospital beds.  He didn't seem at all phased by our new addition to the family, and gave his little brother a kiss on the head.
Meeting his little brother

Meeting Nanny S

Going home in his star suit
When we got home, it felt kind of strange.  We were now a family of four and had the demands of two little people to attend to.  The First Boy was excited but showed no signs of being put out or jealous, and the Second Boy was just sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, rousing only when I woke him up for a feed.
Not enjoying his first ever bath!

Happier now he's all wrapped up

Feeling so happy and blessed

Bonding with Daddy
We had a blissful few days just settling in, figuring out our new foursome, trying to get breastfeeding off to a good start, and rediscovering how to bathe, change and hold a newborn.

Blissed out after a feed

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