Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Woodland Wintry Walk

Today we've had the loveliest day: M has been well behaved, F has been content, we've had a nice Sunday roast, and a fabulous wintry walk in the woods.
The winter sunlight was streaming through the trees and the sky was bright cornflower blue.  There was a low lying mist and steam curling from bark as the sunlight warmed the woodland.

There was a thick, crunchy frost underfoot and muddy puddles had turned to ice.

We crossed three stiles, slippery with moss and ice, and explored the quiet woodland and fields.  We had to stop for a Christmas tree chocolate half way through the walk when M started to flag.



I gave our walk a 'thumbs up' while M joked that it was a 'thumbs down' experience!



If only all Sundays in Winter could be as perfect as today has been.

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  1. What gorgeous photos- the light is beautiful. I love the winter light we are getting at the moment, we were out on a lovely sunny walk today but it was freezing! x

    1. Thank you Katie. I don't mind Winter when it's sunny and cold like this. Just don't like the grey days. x

  2. This looks like a lovely walk, it's great that you got out and managed to see the woods in the mist and frost, I'm sure it felt Magical. M looks like he's enjoying himself, although he looks like he might be enjoying the chocolate more! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids

    1. Yes, it was magical! I hope we have more weekend days like this one. x