Monday, 12 January 2015

My Second Boy: Three Month Update

You, my baby boy are three months old today!  I didn't write a two month old update, so I will include some two month photos of you here so you can see how much you changed.

Weight and Body

You were weighed a couple of days ago and came in at 11lb 11oz, so you've now more than doubled your birth weight.  You look like a little Buddha now, with a sizeable double chin and adorable rings around your wrists, arms and thighs.  You're a lot more sturdy and chunky, with chubby cheeks I could kiss all day.

Here you are at two months, with the first toy I bought you when you were in my tummy

Taken on 12th December, when you turned two months old
Your neck is very strong now, and you can lift your head up very well when on your tummy.  You have control over where you turn your head, and I think you're on the cusp of beginning to discover your hands, which you like to suck when you're tired.

Taken on 12th January, at three months old

Your eyebrows and eyelashes are more noticeable now, but with the eyebrows has come a little bit of cradle cap, which your big brother also had for quite a long time.  It's not that noticeable though.  In the last week your hair is starting to get more tufty. I wonder whether you'll have the spiky shock of white blonde hair that your brother did at six months!


You're still a pretty placid little fellow, but your personality is really beginning to shine through now.

Your lovely grin at three months old

You love 'chatting' to us, and particularly like it when you make a noise and we copy it, resulting in gummy grins that light up your whole face.  Your repertoire of noises has expanded a lot recently: you can say 'coo', 'ah-goo' and you often make a 'ccccckkkkkkkhhhh' sound while blowing bubbles.  Mummy feels confident in understanding what your different sounds mean now.

You've taken a real shine to a colourful monkey toy which clings on to the side of your big cot. Although you don't sleep in there yet, Mummy sometimes puts you in there when she needs to get dressed or have a shower, and she often comes back into your bedroom to find you cooing and grinning away at this monkey.

You seem to have a sunny personality: Mummy frequently looks down at you while you're having a feed, to find you smiling shyly, and when I catch your gaze, you will chuckle at me. It's adorable.

You love watching your big brother play and run about.  You sometimes lurch forward as if you can't wait for the day that you can join in with him, but mostly you just follow him with your big blue eyes.

You double chin and winning grin!


Hmm - a mixed bag here.  You've gone from sleeping 22 hours a day in the first 6-8 weeks to now being more wakeful.  You are falling into more of a sleep routine now: a typical day will go something like this:

7.45am - wake up for the day
10-11am - have a nap
12-3pm - more sleep
4-5pm - maybe another kip
5-10pm - you're awake and restless, wanting to breastfeed all evening, and not wanting to be put down to sleep although you're very tired.  Mummy and Daddy are finding this quite tough as we often struggle to eat our dinner together, and there's little chance of going out for the evening while you're so restless.
10pm-3am - asleep in your bedside cot in our room. You've been going much longer without waking for night feeds now. 
3-7am - you will often wake up during this time for a feed or two. It's like you're coming round for the day gradually over a few hours.

You love to sleep in your car seat, and will always fall asleep if we go out and will stay asleep in there once we're home. You've also loved being in your Moses basket, although you are definitely getting much too big for this now!

Feeding and Teething

You're still going great guns with breastfeeding, and we have a happy feeding relationship, you and I.  I think you're benefitting from having a more experienced mummy than your big brother had in this regard.  You will also take the odd bottle with no problem, but we've not done this too much simply because Mummy has little time to express any milk!

The dribbling has definitely started!  It's time to get the bibs out to stop you making wet patches on all of your clothes.

You are a joy to look after, little F, and I love you so much!

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