Sunday, 4 January 2015

Me and Mine {December 2014}

I have two photos of the four of us to share this month, both of them unashamedly Christmassy and both of them in which we don't look our best.  But they sum up our Christmas and New Year, and I'm delighted just to be able to be part of this little family.

Taken on Christmas Day morning amidst all the wrapping paper

What we've been loving this December:

Christmas chocolates opened too early
Jack Daniels Honey and the occasional Bailey's
The smell of pine indoors
Making the house look all Christmassy
My new Pandora ring and bangle
Christmas morning excitement
Ice skating night out with Daddy
More lie-ins
Having a rare night out with the lads
WBA finally winning some matches
Terry's Chocolate Orange eaten in one go
More lie-ins
Our Christmas Eve feast once the boys were asleep
The First Boy:
Going indoor sledging and tubing for the first time
The Magical Journey
Sleepovers at grandparents' houses
Opening advent calendars
Singing songs from the pre-school nativity play
Opening presents
Playing Wii Fit Plus 
The Second Boy:
practising his goofy grins
sleeping on mummy and daddy
 learning how to coo
his vibrating baby rocker
staring at family photos

Taken on New Year's Eve with the selfie stick!

dear beautiful

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