Monday, 16 February 2015

Bowled over!

It's half term, and that means that pre-school is out!  And by happy coincidence, G has a dry patch in terms of work, so we get to spend lots of time together this week. 

We also have a special visitor with us this week - Birchwood Bear has come to stay from M's pre-school, and we've been asked to take some photos of Birchwood having fun with us this half-term.

First on the list for the week's adventures was ten-pin bowling - M's very first time.  We had the ramp to help with the actual bowling, and the gutters of the bowling lane had the buffers fitted, but my bowling was still rubbish. G got one strike, at which M cheered enthusiastically, and I got a spare.  It was all good fun.

Birchwood Bear even had a go, with the help of M.  It was great to see M really enjoying something new, and great for us to know that we have another rainy day activity up our sleeves!

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