Thursday, 12 February 2015

Me and Mine {January 2015}

I'm very late!  But here's my 'Me and Mine' for January 2015. I'm very grateful that the linky is still open so I can join in!

I'd planned to get a lovely shot of the four of us on a regular weekend visit to my mum and step-dad's. But, as happens with children, on the day, M was not having any of it, and refused to sit on the sofa with us for the shot.

So we got a few candid shots taken instead, and I think this one sums up a typical January weekend for us.  A visit to my mum's, down on the floor playing a game together.

Here's the shot we were aiming for, without M!

What we've been loving this January:

Finishing off the Christmas chocolates
My new Lavender Yankee Candle
Going on a relaxing spa day with my mum and sister
Spending more time together as a family because Daddy has been at home more
Having our evenings back!
My new leather skirt
Being at home with his family more
Booking our 2015 holidays
Making plans for our kitchen extension
Wearing his new leather bracelet engraved with the boys' names
The First Boy:
Watching endless re-runs of 'The Furchester Hotel' from CBeebies
Talking to 'Zig and Zag' (Daddy's sock puppet inventions)
Making up strange words
Fruit Corners
The Second Boy:
Chatting to anyone who will listen
Kicking and splashing in the bath
Sitting in his new his vibrating chair
Lots of cuddles

dear beautiful

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