Sunday, 22 February 2015

Youngest and oldest

We are a very close family. Most of my immediate family live within a 5 mile radius, and we get to see each other a lot as a consequence.

Although I lost my grandparents on my dad's side in 1987 and 2001 respectively, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the company of my mum's mum and dad for many more years. My granddad died last September, leaving my nan as my only remaining grandparent, and the boys' only great-grandparent.

She is a fabulous lady; so independently-minded, spirited and agile for her 83 years. M calls her 'Nanny Owl' because she has a statue of an owl in her little garden; owl was one of his first words, and the nickname just stuck.

Nanny Owl is doing her best to get on with life now as a widow and has my utmost respect for picking herself up and carrying on without Granddad.

Last week, we paid her a little visit. She had a cuddle with F, who snuggled deep into her chest and looked right at home there!

It was a beautiful moment to see both of their faces light up - the youngest and the oldest in our family.

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