Friday, 24 April 2015

A Six Month Update: My Second Boy

Half a year old!  Amazing how that has happened! You are now closer to your first birthday than you are to the day you were born. Your babyhood is speeding by, little man.

These first three shots were all taken on 12th April 2015, when you turned 6 months.  For some reason, you decided to poke out your tongue for all of them!

Weight and Body
I didn't take you to be weighed between your fifth and sixth month, due to holidays and being tied up with other things on clinic dates, but it's easy to see how you're thriving.  Your limbs are getting longer now, and you're on the verge of being too big for your 3-6 month clothes.  And you're more  sweetly chubby and squishy than ever.  I feel like I could just sink into you when I hug you. 

You've been working on your balance this month. I've been propping you up with cushions to help you to learn how to sit without toppling over, and it really seems to be helping you gain strength.  You're still not rolling over though!

You're now able to easily pick up your toys and pass them from one hand to the other, and I've noticed that you are interested in smaller objects now.  Everything goes straight in your mouth, which means we now have to be more careful about the little toys that are left around by your big brother.

Thank goodness you've stopped screeching!  But this month you started a new game of throw the toy/object from the highchair and wait for Mummy/Daddy/M to pick it up for you. And repeat.  You like to peer over the side of your highchair to see where you've thrown the spoon/bowl/teething ring, and then you get vocal until you get that object back again.  It doesn't get old for us. Oh no.

You're still a sunny, happy baby, largely content just to be around your family, and to have little chats with us all.  You'll often just burst out laughing at nothing in particular - it's the best sound in the world. You love a bit of rough and tumble and you adore being nuzzled and kissed under your chin and on your neck, although I am now risking being scalped when I do that as you like to grab handfuls of my hair and pull.  Hard.

You've also discovered how to blow raspberries!

Feeding and Teething
We began to introduce you to food in earnest from your 22nd week.  Although we were interested in the baby-led weaning, we've actually gone for a bit of mixed approach to weaning, offering you both pureed and finger foods at most mealtimes.  We started slowly, but after about a week you had got much better at taking food from a spoon, and were beginning to learn how to pick up food and bring it to your mouth.  Your first puree was butternut squash, the same as your brother.  I'd forgotten how messy the whole process is, but I am determined this time not to get too stressed and worried if you don't fancy eating much at some mealtimes. It's hard not to, when you put all of your love and heart into preparing nice meals, but, like everything else this time around, I feel more relaxed.

Taken on the 23rd March: your first tastes of banana

There is still no tooth on the horizon, and there is still a LOT of dribbling. 

Breastfeeding is going smoothly right now.  I've had a couple of wobbles though early in this month when I wondered whether I'd come to the end of the road with nursing, but then that passed and I feel fine about it again now.


The big news here is that you moved out of Mummy and Daddy's room at the end of this month and into your own bedroom and your big baby cot. Of course, it is the end of an era really, and ends of eras always make me feel quite sad, but it is what both you and we needed.  You are sleeping for longer stretches now and your previous 9.30/10pm wake-up calls steadily decreased over this month.  I'm having to get up and walk across the landing, and into your room to feed you (about 2-3 times a night now), rather than Daddy just passing you over to me in bed, but we all go straight back to sleep after a feed, so it's not a problem.

I can't express how much I love you. The feeling is just so over-powering sometimes that I get tears in my eyes. x

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