Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Two Little Brothers {Siblings: April 2015}

Bit late again! But better late than never. Here are my two little boys in April. I can't resist dressing them the same sometimes. The window when I'll be able to do this is quite short, so I'm unashamedly making the most of it!

Now that F is sitting up on his own, there's more chance for these two to interact.  And a brotherly arm always comes in handy when you're close to toppling over.

My boys are still enamoured with each other.  M never forgets to kiss F goodnight, and tells his little brother that he loves him frequently.  F just lights up when he sees M; I can see what can only be described as hero-worship in his expressions when he watches M.  It's adorable.  I must try to capture that expression on camera for next month's pictures.

dear beautiful

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