Sunday, 3 May 2015

Me and Mine {April 2015}

We have a last minute family portrait of the four of us this month.  Blogging has definitely been on the backburner!

In April:
I have:
*loved having some warm sunshine so that the boys and I could play in the garden
*enjoyed indulging in two new Boden dresses for summer
*relished spending Easter Sunday with my family
*been glad to make the decision to go a bit blonder for the summer
*had fun meeting up with the NCT gang for a picnic and walk in the forest
*not enjoyed having the flu in the first part of the month
Two Boy Daddy has:
*enjoyed the chance to see a Saturday afternoon football match again
*been doing well on the 5:2 diet
*enjoyed watching 'Banished' on the TV
*had a rare night out with the lads
The First Boy has:
*become a little obsessed with Shaun the Sheep episodes!
*learnt a new word: 'Magnificent!'
*been enjoying junk modelling at pre-school
*loved feeding the goats and sheep at Ash End Farm
*sat on a pony for the first time
*decided that he will eat burgers, meatballs and salmon
*learnt how to twist spaghetti round his fork
*developed a real love of cleaning (especially using spray polish and kitchen spray cleaner)
The Second Boy has:
*learnt how to sit up independently
*started to put out his hands to be picked up
*started to eat lots of different foods, with pureed fruit as his favourite
*sat on the grass for the first time
*loved Mummy singing 'Tickly Rain' to him

dear beautiful


  1. Oh what a gorgeous picture! Last minute or not you all look very happy together - and I love the boys' shirts!

  2. What a gorgeous- I love their tops!